would this idea work, if so HELP own business?

ok so i have an idea to start something in my little town like a drive in theater but not as big,

for example, i buy a NICE hd projector huge screen and submit my idea to the town of playing videos (either torrent ones in theater and now tell the town just advertise on my facebook, or movies already out) and get nice speaker system set it up somewhere and just charge interence fee to make profit,

would this work how would i go about this?

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No it would not work.

Torrented games are illegal. They are considered stealing.

In addition everyone has has the ability to play the game at their own house.

When a movie is released it is available only to theaters, that's why people go to theaters because they can't buy it for home use. When a game is released it is available to everyone from the get go.

Not only that you will need a BIG industry projector that can withstant the elements and thousands upon thousands of hours of use - but you will need weather resistant projector screens, personal speaker boxes, handicap zones and you will need to pay rent.

How much are you going to charge your customers? $10 per hour? Thats too much to play a game. Chances are they could buy that game at walmart for $5 and play it forever.

Anything below $10 you won't be able to profit unless you have 50+ projectors and atleast 50+ people who are willing to watch movies or play games every hour.

Also you can't play movies that are already out unless you give a licencing fee to the people who made that movie. Licencing fees can range from $1000 to millions of dollars. It depends on the movies.

This is a bad idea it will fail within a week and you could get your self arrested.

---- EDIT --

NETFLIX will not work either. When you get a netflix subscription you get it for HOME and personal use. You cannot make money off of it. If you do, you get sued.

A lady played a song that she was listening to on the radio and made a 30 second video of it. She uploaded that video to youtube and she had to pay $50,000 fine because she broke the law. Another person recorded 1 minute of the new twilight video that was playing in the theater. That girl was arrested and fined $10,000.

These people where not trying to make money off of it. However if you try to, the fines are going to be bigger with up to 25 years in prison. That's why there is an FBI warning in the beginning of each movie to warn you about the dangers of doing this.

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do research; I am guessing with Netflix and others around, the desire for people to go out to a
movie is dwindling.

but maybe in boonie towns, going to the flicks is still in!

by kemperk - 10 months ago