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    Can I send it in a blue usps mail/ collection box?

    I'm new to shipping packages, and I wanted to know if I can mail my bubble mailer in a regular, blue usps mailbox. The bubble mailer is 12" by 7.25." I can't go to the post office either. Also, how can I make sure to print out the correct amount for shipping on eBay? Thank you so much!!
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    when you make your listing n ebay put the correct weight of the item when it's fully packed. when your item gets purchased the postage will be calculated for the customer. you can let the charges go by weight or you can come up with a flat fee for everyone. don't forget, on ebay there is a final value fee for postage (10%) as well as whatever the cost for your packing supplies. print out your mailing labels on ebay , the cost will be deducted from your paypal account. check the box that says" request pickup" and the mailman will pick it up from your home. you don't have to leave your house at all :) good luck!
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