Best small business accounting software?

I run a very small business. It's seasonal so its only in operation for 3 months. I need something like quickbooks but I cannot afford their price considering I'm only going to use it for such a short period of time. I'm not fluent in excel, I've tried to create my own through them and it turned out to be an utter failure. I've tried googling templates and I've been unsucessful. I was wondering if anyone could suggest a free or cheaper version of something like quickbooks. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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quickbooks is the best one out there.

The best FREE one is called postbooks by osalt - its the alternative to quick books.

10 months ago

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You can use software such as QuickBooks, it is an accounting software that helps a lot in saving time and it does automatically.


by Tech - 5 months ago

The best alternatives I could find for Quickbooks are PostBooks and GnuCash. These are free and open source softwares and specially made for accounting purposes.

There are other softwares too, it all depends on what your exact needs are, you can check this link for more information:


by Saurabh - 3 months ago