ebay buyer is from Puerto Rico even though I only want to ship USA mainland, what can i say?

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Had someone from Puerto Rico ask a question about an item I had on eBay so it may be the same person. Send a reply through eBay so that it show on your listing that you do not ship to Puerto Rico. Then go into your shipping settings and make sure that you have only "continental US" as the only places you ship.

No idea what state you are in but I'm including the link for USPS for you. Just put in the zip code the potential buyer gave you to see what the shipping cost will be. Then in the reply to the buyer, include how much it would cost. The only way the USPS will ship with insurance is if the buyer goes to the post office and shows ID to get the package.

The "buyer" I had never came back once given the information he had to pickup the item at the post office himself.


10 months ago

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It depends...did this buyer win the auction? If so, then you are obliged to ship the item. Otherwise, you can limit your shipping to "continental US only", although you should be aware that people in Alaska and Hawaii have money, too. And it's fairly easy to ship to Canada, and Canadians have money too.

by Lynn Bodoni - 10 months ago

tell him you dont ship outside the USA and cancel the transaction or send it to him

by reasonable-sale-lots - 10 months ago