what's the best website to create and host my own website?

I am looking for a reliable and cheap (free?!) website which would allow me to build me my own consultancy website and provide with cheap (free?) domain.

I will be grateful for any advises.

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You want to run a business(a consultancy) and want to use free hosting!

You will finish up having a very un-professional web site(Promoters of free web sites place their ads on your web site) and will not attract any business. Waste of time and energy.

A better proposition is to register a domain name( for a .com around US$9.00/10.00 per year) and obtain hosting (Hostgator has excellent basic packages from around US$4.00 PM) and then use the free Wordpress script with one of the many thousand free themes and then install some the the many free plugins to suit your requirements.


10 months ago

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If you want to use a builder I suggest weebly although web's is good too. If you are uploading files is good .


by diana - 10 months ago

Definitely etsy


by maddieexx - 10 months ago

If you want your own domain you have to pay for it, on a yearly basis. I use ultimatewb for my website and the web hosting. It's high quality and good pricing.


by Amanda - 10 months ago

Get Your Business Online it is run by Intuit and Google. 3 page free website. Free for one year.

Also or

I hope this helps.

by A B - 10 months ago has their domian names at $10 a year. Hosting there is reliable and cheap as well. I have never had a problem with their service.


by Justin - 10 months ago

CoffeeCup offers software and hosting services.


by Ennazzusi - 10 months ago