Can a business refuse to tell you the ingredients of a product?

So I want to ask Starbucks about their ingredients because of religion concern but I'm not sure if they will tell me the ingredients because I read online that they have refused telling it to many customers. So I wanted to know if they have the right to refuse it. Can we take any action against them if they do that or something? Thanks a lot for your answers in advance :)

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Ever heard of KFC's secret recipe?
Of course they can keep this to themselves. Of course.

Suggestion: Don't buy coffee for $5.
Make your own at home.
Savings of $1,825 a year !!!

Also check the calorie and FAT content on some of their drinks.
Might as well drink a stick of butter.

So, you get fat, poor, and you could be breaking religious beliefs.
Why go there again?

10 months ago