How am i gonna be able to pay my hairdresser??!!!?

My grandma gave me $100 yesterday for pocket change. I was so happy! That same day, i had to go to my dance classes and pay for tuition. I didn't want ro tell my mom to pay again because she absolutly HATES paying for my classes. I had no choice but to give all my $100 away to pay for my June tuition. I felt like major crap and i still do. Now mt mom takes me to the hairdresser and only gives me 30 bucks and tells me to use one of my $20 from the $100 to use it to pay the hairdresser. Since all my money was spent, i tried to ask my dad for a $20, but that didn't work and I refused to steal money from my family because it's just completly wrong. I only have $40 to give her. I mean, my hairdresser is a really nice lady, but how am i supposed to pay her if i only have $40?! I mean, what do i do??!!

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Tell your mom you paid for your tuition with grandma's money.

Best to be upfront about it all.

11 months ago

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i suggest you find a cheaper hairdresser or get a job

by s and d e - 11 months ago