3 creative teachers with different fortes want to start a business?

A music teacher with a great voice, an art/drama teacher and an English teacher who bakes special cakes want to rent a small place to set up a business. What do you suggest they do to make a bit of money that covers the rent at least? One of them wants it aimed at kids, the other wants it aimed at adults. Any great ideas out there? Thanks!

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Unless your music teacher is teaching music or your drama teacher is putting on shows, then those credentials and five bucks will get you a cup of coffee. You need to generate cash flow somehow. Either goods or services that people will give you actual money for. Forget about the altruism until you get on your feet. You also need to agree - sounds like you're not even there, yet.

11 months ago

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You could make it targeted at all ages. Or have it targeted at children, but have a service that would instruct adults as well [(perhaps a separate part of the building with a more professional setting (While the kids' "room" would be more colorful and decorative)]

First think you'd need to do is come up with a name that is, preferably, available as far as domains are concerned.

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