What does "refused" mean on the customs check box? Who refused, buyer or customs?

I sold an item on Ebay and shipped it to Taiwan via USPS Priority. Three months later, the package shows up in my mail. Of the reasons listed on the customs label, "refused" is checked off. My question is, is it the buyer who refused to accept the package/pay the duty, or did Taiwan Customs refuse to allow the item into the country? I have not heard anything from the buyer.

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Customs will refuse to allow entry to an item, but that is clearly stated on the package. A check box filled in 'refused' means it was refused at the address you sent it to. Probably because they didn't want to pay the duty.

I'm surprised the buyer didn't try to get their money back. Three months is probably too late for them. Looks like you keep their payment and have the item back. Keep it unopened for a few more weeks and see if the buyer makes a claim. You have proof that the buyer refused the item.

11 months ago

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maybe the mailing service in Tawain tried to deliver it to their door, and for some reason or another checked off "refused"?

by Krista Brown - 11 months ago

Could have been for any number of reasons the package was refused at the address, but often it means the person at that address refused the package and it was returned by the postal service.

Attempt to contact the buyer again letting them know that the package was refused and keep your receipt. If they respond on eBay instead of to you directly, then you have proof non-delivery was not your fault.

by G N A - 11 months ago