How to open a business and get a licence.?

Hi, what I am looking for is a licence to sell fried food (product) on this space that I currently own. The licence I am looking for is a non federal licence, I think it's the one where you only get inspected like once a month. I also want to open it up as a small business so I can put a label on my product.

I live in Miami fl.

What I meant by an inspection once a month is because I know of a business like what I am trying to do but much bigger and they have an inspector at the location everyday in the morning. They can't open for business until they are done inspecting it everyday before opening.

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no such thing as a federal license.

there is a single food inspection per year, as long as your supplying system stays super clean
you will need a food handler's permit..........given by the city or county.

YOU may put a label on it regardless of size of food. TO export or wrap it for store sales--that
will take extra steps.

if you limit your first 6 mo sales to your own store-restaurant, all is fine.

85% of all NEW food ITEMS brought to grocery store CHAINS are ignored.

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