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I decorate iphone cases as a hobby. i put gem and stuff on them then sale them to friends and my family. im trying to come up with a name and form a small business with it. i want the name to incorporate 'epic' in it but it dont have to.


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Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest.

Epic Phones
Epic Cases

But why limit yourself to just iphone cases? You might want to do other phone cases or even other accesories (sunglasses, wallets, handheld mirrors, etc). Think along those lines...

Epic Collections
Epic Collection
Epic Creations (I like this one)
Epic Accessories
Epic GemArt
Epic Art
Create Epic
Collect Epic (then you can have a catchy tagline like "collect them all!" to inspire people to buy more lol! ;) you can use this tagline for the Epic Creations too)
Access Epic
Epic Access (these last two are a play on Accessories and the ability to "access" something...make people want your product!)

And this is a good place to start reading and looking to get a business-minded attitude
It talks about Richard Branson and how he started his iconic brand Virgin, along with tons of other super successful investors and entrepreneurs. This site has great inspiration, motivation, and some practical ideas, from super successful entrepreneurs who started out with nothing at first the audio book (its free).
(I just finished it and it is really really good). If the link doesn't work just go here and click the link under the video

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iEpic Cases <- I like that one1

Epic Cases

Epic Bling

iGem Epic Cases <- yeah it's a dupe, but it's an idea :P

Epic Jewels

iBling Cases <- it's a pun :-D

Epic Custom Cases

Epic Case Maker

You can Google for random name generators and mess with some too

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