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    Business in Sunshine State!?

    I live in NJ and after college I would like to open up my vet own business. A Bakery!!! I was thinking about moving to Florida and starting it there? Most likely in Tampa FL! Can anyone tell me if the sunshine state is a good state to start a business? Like what are some pros and cons of starting a business there? I chose florida because I want to move out of NJ because its too "getto" and I like to live somewhere wheeee it's a little bit quieter!
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    Cool! Tampa needs more local bakeries here for sure...especially in the South Tampa area south of Bay to Bay Blvd and the Carrollwood area! Florida is a good place for businesses since the taxes aren't that bad on businesses here, and people here don't get income taxes on their salaries. Just be careful though...there's growing competition from new up and coming cafes and stuff popping up here a lot, so just be aware you gotta heavily promote and advertise your bakery. Good luck!
    2 years ago

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    • keep in mind that Florida has hurricanes the south west does not visit SCORE for biz help make sure you do market research and write a biz plan luck to u

      by kemperk - 19 hours ago

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