how can i bring more business into my store?

The store is a seasonal variety store. we sell a little bit of everything. This is our second season open and business is picking up a little bit but not as much as I would have hoped for it to. Just looking for ways o bring in more customers.

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Promo advertising in your own window or with a sign on the sidewalk (comply with all local ordinances though). Flyers posted around the area of town you're in would help. Facebook specials offered (all month anything red or all caps are 20% off), as well as a store blog talking about new shipments or featured merchandise.

11 months ago

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so Make sure you have PLENTY of advertising... also you must compete with the pricing of other store competitors... um... always try to get the newest and latest items... and that really all I can think of... I hope that help!

by Julia - 11 months ago

Decrease the rent cost. Basic business & economics lesson.

high demand = low cost, high quality, low taxation, low interest rates or high consumer confidence/ disposable income

low demand= high cost, low quality, low interest rates or more consumer confidence/ disposable income


by Nicolas - 11 months ago