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    Cost of shipping a book internationally? please help?

    so I recently bought a book here where I live in California and really REALLY need to get it signed by the author as a gift to someone I contacted the author and she said she would be willing to do it but it had to be SASE. My problem is that the author is located in the UK and the dimension of the book exceeds the large envelope 9.4 x 6.4 x 1.3 inches is the book dimensions it weights about 1.6 pounds. does anyone know of any way that would be cost effective? cheaper is better. I also heard of a book rate? but can it be self addressed and returned back to my address? thanks in advance!
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    The post office is the best place to get your answers. You can try looking up the information on their website but people who work behind the counter often can give you the best advice quickly and easily because they deal with it every day.
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