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    Ebay-where can you get a box to ship when you sell something at ebay?

    Do you order it online or does it come from ebay. How much is a box?
    a few seconds ago 4 Answers

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    ANY BOX WILL DO and if you use your own box instead of those at the P O it will cost you less. Seriously kroger and all the store throw boxes away go get some of them
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • A limited of types of Priority Mail boxes are available free at the post office. You can have various ones shipped to your door step FREE from the USPS online store. If not Priority Mail --- you need to go behind stores and dumpster dive.

      by Sam - 12 hours ago

    • If you're hoping to send volume items, it will be much cheaper to find a packaging company who should have a wide range of various sizes available.

      by Neil - 12 hours ago

    • Well you get them at the post office in their display racks, but you need to know which type you want first. Generally, the if it fits it ships packages are best if it is a heavy item. You should visit their website & look at package dimensions then go down there & select it. When you get it home you simply put it together, & you can even print out a shipping label for it. I got ripped off though the other day, I thought their gift box/dvd box was only $2.19 to ship since it said $2.19 on the box. When I shipped it in person they told me that was only the cost of the box. So apparently they give away the larger packages but charge for the smaller ones.

      by SammyTheBull - 12 hours ago

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