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    Feel lonely as an entrepreneur?

    I decided to open a business because it's my passion and I know it's where my heart is. At the same time, I feel so lonely b/c my friends are going the safe route..My friends are all going to grad schools and nursing schools. Here I am..with just a bachelor degree. :( It's hard to find a job in my field too, and I'm not getting paid like I hope. Do you feel lonely? I don't know many business owners..to be honest. I'm wondering if I should get another degree like everyone else or just open a business (I have some saving). I know I'm not going to be happy with another degree. only opening a business can make me happy. I feel so lonely as an entrepreneur. :(
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    Been there, it is lonely at the start. You'll end up much better off than your mates in the long run. Just let them enjoy their massive debts and working till their 70, you can go on holiday around the world or retire at 25. Join a business networking group, there will always be one near you.
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    • You have a college education and are clear about your passion & heart being in your business. Work hard, smart, and persevere. Success requires patience. Comparing your life & accomplishments to that of your friends is not helpful. Investing in further education that you acknowledge will not bring you happiness is not wise. In time you will make new friends and the ones you have now will adjust/accept your independent career choice. Good luck.

      by Barkley - 2 hours ago

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