How do I research what kind of business to start in my area?

I know this is a very broad question, but I am looking to start a business or just make good investments with my money. I live in a small University town geared towards agriculture & students. Many small businesses have thrived here but even more have failed. My wife and I have previous experience owning and operating a small business. Where do I start in my search for finding a successful business opportunity that will provide for my family? Franchise or no franchise? Start up money will not be a problem if I can keep it on the lower side.

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what usually works best is to look around and see what IS NOT there already.
What service do you wish was easily available?

You could also interview students, and ask them
"what goods or services do you wish were easily available here?"

11 months ago

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A bar.
$5 buckets of beer on Thursdays.
Ladies night on Tuesdays.
Free tacos on wednesdays

by Silly Goose - 11 months ago