How can I insure that a start up company will hire me?

I am working with a several people and we are developing a company. We are pretty much work for free at the moment as we are a start up but the business is growing rapidly and salaries are coming very soon. The other members have invested money and I was brought on as the Marketing Director.

Although I trust my team, I want to know if there is a way to legally insure that I will be hired (start receiving a pay check!) and that they won't suddenly give me the boot (!) I have their "word" that I am an essential part of the team, but does someone's word still matter these days?!

I've been burned before by start ups and I guess I'd just like to protect myself this time.

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How are you working with them? Was it someone else's idea and then you joined? Or did you guys come up with it together?

Either way... definitely get a contract. That's the only way you can legally bind them to anything. Get a written contract for ALL parties involved. You don't have to make this weird. Just say that since it's looking like the business is taking off, it's probably a good idea for all of you to sign a contract, in order to protect all of you, and just so everyone is clear on everyone else's expectations and role.

11 months ago

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You can't ensure it you turn in a good résumé say a prayer and hope for the best


by Alan - 11 months ago