is getting a franchise a good idea for business starters?

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It is a good idea if you have the investment to put in, and like giving a percentage or royalty to them. Some have copied the franchise methods and practices of some franchises and started their own company. An advantage of getting a franchise is that they already went through the trials and tribulations of acquiring everything - inventory, legal, marketing, etc. It comes as a "package." On the other hand, if you don't have the capital that they require and DON"T want to pay enormous royalties each month, then you can start from scratch and take it from there. Either way, you will be spending money, effort, AND time to make this venture a profitable business!

11 months ago

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If you have the required net worth and capital, I'd say owning a franchise is a great idea

by Andy G - 11 months ago

No. You need to be worth at least $250,00 in liquid assets.

by Henry - 11 months ago