I have a really good idea for a brand new website?

I know for a fact that it is something everyone would love because in this day and age, everyone likes to be nosy. When I googled to see if there was something like it already out there, nothing like it existed and im actually really surprised because you would think someone would have thought of it. Its nothing that would get me into legal trouble at all. It has nothing to do with invading everyone elses privacy.

I honestly think that this idea could make me really rich. How do you guys think I should go about creating this website? I was thinking of picking up Web Design For Dummies and some other books, and then spend ing the next year or so making it myself. Since I already have a little knowledge of CSS and html I dont think it will take me as long as a person that has never done anything related to that sort of thing, but still I know theres lots of other things to learn and It will take me awhile.

Do you guys think I should hire someone else to try and make it for me and risk them stealing my idea and making it themselves? Or do you think I should just keep it to myself until its done, launch it, keep it going for two years or so, and then try and sell it to a big company?

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Build it yourself with ultimatewb. If you need any help, you can get it there.


11 months ago