FLORISTS! How do I start a at-home business?

Can I work making bouquets and arrangments at home and selling them?
I can set up a wholesale account at a local place.
But what then?
How do I advertise/set up a website for bouquets. Since how do I tell customers what I can make them until I buy it? Should I buy ahead of time or to order? Or will the flowers get old. And should I also sell flowers along with bouquets/arrangments?
Sorry I'm such a newb, but I'm interested and I don't know how the market really works.

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Being a florist isn't the type of business that is conducive to working from home.

You will need big coolers to keep the flowers and arrangements in. You will have to order your flowers wholesale, and they have minimum orders. Would you be able to accept a minimum order?

Also, customers want to go into a shop to see examples of what you do. You can't have them coming to your home, unless your home is zoned for commercial use.

11 months ago

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This site might help you promote your business. There's a free sign-up.

by Danny - 11 months ago