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66.) Which of the following is NOT a unique characteristic of real estate markets?
Function as both an investment good and consumption good
High Transaction Cost
Short or non-existent time-delays
9.) What does a real estate developer do?
manages properties, generally on behalf of owners who are renting houses or apartments.
inspects real estate on behalf of potential buyers.
makes improvements of some kind to real property, thereby increasing its value.
shows real estate to potential buyers on behalf of sellers.
114.) Which of the following is uniquely characteristic of a "pegged" currency?
Its value is maintained by the government in question at a fixed rate relative to the other currency.
Its exchange rate is allowed to vary against that of other currencies.
It is traded by major banks around the world.
Their value never changes.
113.) What belief about trade become paramount in the 19th century and has dominated thinking among western nations since then?
31.) Which of the following is not a common classification of multinational corporations?
Horizontally integrated
Diagonally integrated
Vertically integrated
90.) Which of the following is NOT true of business etiquette?
Having proper etiquette minimizes misunderstandings.
The norms of business etiquette do not vary in a significant way from culture to culture.
Business etiquette focuses on the thoughtful consideration of others.
Proper etiquette is important for maximizing business success.
56.) The "bait and hook" business model is characterized by:
its success in the recreational fishing industry
lying to the customer about the quality of the product
deceiving customers with small print
offering a basic product at a very low cost, then charging higher amounts for refills
18.) A break-even analysis determines:
the point when total revenue equals total costs
the amount of time it will take to sell every inventoried item
the demand that will be present for a given product
the number of employees a company can sustain
141.) Which of the following is NOT a limitation of a break-even analysis:
It assumes that fixed costs are constant.
It tells you nothing about what sales are likely to be for the product.
It tells you how many sales must be made before your company can become profitable.
It is only a supply side (ie.: cost only) analysis.
142.) Which of the following does NOT make the entrance of new competitors likely?
There are high profit margins in the industry
There is unmet demand (insufficient supply) in the industry
There are no major barriers to entry
Competitive rivalry is intense
48.) Which of the following is NOT involved in quantitative research techniques?
It is generally used to draw conclusions
examples include focus groups, depth interviews, and projective techniques
a large number of respondents
examples include surveys and questionnaires
13.) What is Market Dominance?
It is a measure of the strength of a brand, product, service, or firm, relative to competitive offerings.
It is a measure of the physical size of a product relative to competing products.
It is a measure of the number of employees in a company as compared to other companies.
It is a strategy that a company adopts when it wants to market its product to the social elite.
89.) Which of the following is true of market strategies?
They must be kept static and rigidly unchanged to have any possibility of success.
They are equivalent to market tactics.
They serve as the foundation of a marketing plan.
They are never influenced by microenvironmental factors.

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66- durability
9- makes improvements
114- value never changes
112- free trade
90- norms do not vary
56- offering a basic product then charging higher amounts
18- revenue = cost
142- competitive rivalry
13- the first one
89 -equivalent to market tactics

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