How would I go about starting my own Computer Repair business?

I know a lot about computers and repair. I have a High School Diploma and was thinking about going to school to learn about computers. I was just wondering if someone could give a little insight on how I can start a profitable business and not go broke because I can't get any customers.

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Good on you.

I'd say though that most companies go broke because they don't understand accounting or their tax obligations.

Read, read and read. I put hundreds of hours of reading books into it before I started my first business. A good start is anything by Robert Kiyosaki. Joe Girard is another good one on the sales side of things. Books on psychology are interesting things too. Little facts like, if you put a visa or mastercard logo up, people spend on average 20% more. Tips like that can make a big difference when used coherently. You'll need the book 'the e-myth'. Don't be a technician at your job, be a businessperson.

The advantage in our industry was that most of the businesses were old hands that don't understand the power of the internet and Google Adwords. You probably won't have that advantage but just stick to your Google and your website, done right, you'll never run out of clients. You'll know the score with that no doubt.

Also try and change your mindset to 'How can I make this a success' rather than 'How do I not go broke'. There's a lot of crap written about mindset but on a basic level it does make a difference.

Don't get sucked in by salesman and don't let your friends and family (the ones that don't have their successful businesses) persuade you on what to do too much.


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