What to name my Tea Shop!?

I don't want like, a pun or anything, and no 'The tea ___ ' something kind of relaxed sounding, but kind of.. Bohemian?
Thanks. :) ten points to bet answer.

13 months ago - 4 answers

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Hmm...Zen Paradise, Sweet Tea, Somethings Brewing, Tea Garden, Cup of Sunshine, Sip of Happiness, Taste of Tranquility. That's the first things that came to my mind. heheh Hope this helped and hopefully gave you further ideas. Best of luck with your tea shop hun!(*^_^*)


13 months ago

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Bohemian? All I got is "my little teapot".

by Don't hate, congratulate! - 13 months ago

Next to Nirvana

by ygiagam - 13 months ago

Soothe Cafe

by Nicole - 13 months ago