Safe way to transfer money?

I make soap and someone wants me to ship it to them, how should they pay? Ebay is not an option, it takes way too much money. Does etsy take your money? Also, if she just transferred money to my paypal, would they take some for themselves?

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yes paypal will take their fee for any money coming into your account, however if you get her to send it as a GIFT paypal does not take any money. I will advise you to take the money but charge her like $3.00 more then you need, to cover the paypal fees, then have her send it to you as GOODS so that you can get her correct address to print out your label for her.


13 months ago

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give it through me :)

by xJuicy4yAx - 13 months ago

western union by cash. paypal is a good option

by xristina - 13 months ago

PayPal takes 2.75%, .0275 or 3.5%, .035 for every dollar. it's not that much. As a business owner I use PayPal. it's great. You can charge a administrative fee depending on what state you are from.

by Mark - 13 months ago