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    Help on starting out with sewing machine.?

    Last night I was trying to start my daughters quilt last night using the sewing machine to save myself some time. Well it didnt end up happening. I honestly followed all the instructions I thought lol I would start out and it would not sew on top, the thread wouldnt stay in my needle. I had about 7 inches of tail like the book told me. The bottom of the material had a cluster of thread in one spot. I threaded and picked up the bobbin thread like it told me too. It also would go for a few seconds then bog down and just sound like it was running but the needle was stuck. What am I doing wrong? Please help.
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    The bottom timing is deft out .... And the tension of the top is too tight , re adjust the tension pulley plates were the spring and round plates are 😊
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    • You were experiencing thread jams. Now you get to clean all the bits out from around the bobbin case and rethread the top again, this time with the presser foot up, and start the seam by hanging on to the ends of the bobbin and top threads behind the presser foot for a few seconds. If you look at the photos here, I'll bet the last pair of photos look something like what you were seeing: http://www.picturetrail.com/sfx/album/view/22521551 Each pair of photos has the upper side of the stitching first, then the underside of the fabric. Red thread in the bobbin, light blue on top. Here's a "recipe" for fixing almost everything on a sewing machine that a user can, even if you don't know what's wrong: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090909185148AAxsd5m

      by kay - 8 hours ago

    • Possibilities: the tension is set wrong; the bobbin is in backwards - check how the thread is coming off the bobbin, which way bobbin is supposed to spin; bobbin wound incorrectly; needle is nicked, bent, damaged; machine threaded wrong - sometimes you don't have it quite right in the uptake. Clean out everything very carefully, brush out lint! Check needle (damage can be very slight, use magnifying glass, or just replace needle with brand-new one). Then wind a new bobbin, making sure thread goes on evenly. Put bobbin in, noting directions carefully, ensure when you pull on thread, it pulls smoothly, evenly. Rethread spool & ensure it's through the uptake properly. Check to ensure needle threaded in the right direction (is it supposed to go front to back, or right to left, etc). Bring up bobbin thread, one turn by hand of the flywheel. Then do a couple stitches on the fabric, turning the flywheel by hand to observe every thing. It's more commonly something rather simple, even stupid. But if you find something is seriously out of alignment, or cannot correct it, call your sewing machine company's help line, or take it in. If the sewing machine has been sitting unused for a long time, it may need oiling & a "tune-up."

      by ibu guru - 8 hours ago

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