Hijab Salon in Michigan?

Hi I'm Arabic and I wear a hijab I live in Dearborn Heights in Michigan I want to know a salon For people who wear a hijab to get a haircut I want to dye my hair and I want to find the right salon! Anyone know a private salon for woman with hijab do share? Please and thank you!

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Hi. I don't live in Michigan, so I can't help with this precisely. But have you tried finding someone who does hair from her home? I know there are lots of women who do that. Or maybe you could try and see if you could get an appointment at a salon after closing time. They may be willing to stay open late for you for a small fee. Then again, being that you live in the Arab capitol of the country, I'm sure you could find a place that caters to hijabis.
Sorry, I'm sure this wasn't any help at all, but I figured I should answer since no one else did.

13 months ago