Thinking about starting a pressure washing business. Looking for info training, possible on-the-job training?

Washing off pollen and washing driveways and houses to start. Looking for what equipment, which cleaners, how to do advertising, etc.

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This question comes up from time to time. Do you have your equipment already? If not, be prepared to go with at least 3.5 or 4 Gallons Per Minute. Anything smaller just won't be competitive or operate the accessories you will want to use (like a surface cleaner for driveways).

Pressure washing requires good knowledge about techniques and chemical cleaners. I have about 16 years in the business and I teach some pressure washing classes for Contractors Foundation several times each year. They are the best, which is why I teach for them. They have a schedule of pressure washing classes on their web site that you can check into.

On the job training is harder to come by. I have seen some contractors take people out into the field but they charge for this and I don't blame them because a person asking questions really slows things down. You might ask C F people if they have any volunteers that do training on the job.

I will be teaching in June in Atlanta if you are interested in taking classes at that time. It is a whole weekend and we cover every part of the business. The web address is


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