Is there a grant to cover the start up cost for a real estate agent?

I'd like to get my real estate license but cant afford the classes or the start up cost. (Would also need to purchase a laptop). I've read several articles online that say there are business education grants and or small business grants available for this very thing. However, the articles give no links to where I can find them and my online research isn't finding much either. Does anyone know the SPECIFIC name of a grant I can apply for to cover these cost? I'm in Texas, if that helps....
I'm just looking for funding information, not advice as to if I should do this or not. The area I live in has NOT been hurt by the economy and real estate sales here have been solid for years. JUST looking for funding info... thanks.

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Go to and follow the instructions. You will find that unless you are a nonprofit, in basic research or daycare, there are no grants for a small business. Private foundations offer grants. You can get a list of most US Foundations and private grant sources at

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No such thing as a grant to individuals! Grants are generally for non-profit organizations, charities, etc. The sole exception is Pell Grants for undergraduate studies - you must be enrolled as an undergraduate student at a university, and qualify for financial aid.

There is no sort of financial aid for obtaining a real estate salesperson license. People do this at night and live off their day job, or they have a working spouse, or both. Most keep their day job for the first year so they have enough to live on while they start earning commissions. Of course, there is a serious glut of established realtors and RE salespeople these days as RE sales are at their lowest levels in a couple of decades (or more). Most RE salespeople are working another job to try to survive in this economy anyway. So why should you get any money out of others' pockets when loads of existing RE salespeople have to work a second job to survive?

by ibu guru - 13 months ago