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    What to start with, in order to be successful?

    I'm a high school senior who might won't even graduate this year. I'm very discouraged in life these days. However i have a dream of becoming an entrepreneur and I just don't know where and how to start. I actually do alot of researching and studying which i like to do. Khan Academy and investopedia are examples. I'm just wondering if getting a high school diploma and a degree will actually benefits my dream? What options do I have and how should i begin building up my career? I want serious and significant answer. I actually want law based answer as well. Can anyone give me advice? :(
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    first rule of success. learn what poor folks do, do not repeat it. 2nd rule. learn where your library is so u can learn from others mistakes - not your own. 3rd rule - get the high school diploma not doing it will slow your progress. 4th rule - college is not needed to b self employed. an Education is needed. see library. 5th rule entrepreneur is fancy word for self employed. visit BLS.gov/OOH so u can learn b4 u get burned.
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    • First, I'd get the diploma, that can make a world of difference with multiple things. Just get the diploma. Second, if you would like to be an entrepreneur, (one who operates a business by themself) you need to find what it is you would like to do. Find your niche, something you love doing. to start, I would recommend spending time practicing the niche you are interested in: gain experience, learn about the industry. After you have experience, you need to know this: Question 1, what is your product and/or service? Question 2, why would people want/need this product and/or service you created? Question 3, how will you deliver this product and/or service? Let me give you a few examples. coffee: people don't have coffee machines in their house, so they buy one whenever they're out, and they feel they need one. A gym: people want to exercise, but they don't want to have to pay thousands of dollars for a treadmill, or all the weight lifting equipment, and to have it in their house. So they go to a gym. Automotive repair: not everyone has the tools of knowledge, so they bring their car to a mechanic. so you need to brainstorm what you would like to do, and if people would value your product or service.

      by Animal Mother - 5 hours ago

    • First Of All You Got To Have That Positive Mindset! Second, You Gotta Do You Research, Find Out Where Is It That You Wanna Be, what Is Your Dream And Third Of All Work Your *** Off To Get It. A High School Diploma Always Looks Good On Everything. If You Dont Graduate You Can Do Adult School And Get Your Diploma.

      by Laura! - 5 hours ago

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