if someone comes in with a fake I.D. do i have the right as the store owner to take it?

Today a kid came into my store with a fake, asked fr his date of birth couldn't remember it. do i have the right as the store owner to take it away or what can i do so he doesn't do it again or at another package store (liquor store)

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Call your local police, non-emergency number, to find out your rights in your specific state. In most states you are allowed to confiscate a fake ID and turn it over to law enforcement. But ask your local police for advice to make sure you are within the law, and you know what to tell someone when you take their ID

13 months ago

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You can take it. What's he going to do? "Officer, that man stole my illegal fake I.D! Get it back from him so you can arrest me for it!"

by Helpful Troll - 13 months ago

take it

by Wurm™ - 13 months ago