I'm an IBO for Amway and I love it. Why do most people hate it?

I've been an IBO for 2 years now and I love it. I'm getting high bonus checks every month and I have a huge group under me. I'm not a big fan of selling, but the products sell themselves. When I ask people (specially white people) if they have ever heard of Amway or in the past it was QuickStar, most of them say "stay away from that company" I want to know why exactly people hate it so much?

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I was an Amway distributor / Quixtar IBO for 5 years or so. I'm glad to hear that you have successfully established a sizable organization. I know things have changed in the business over the last 10 years so I will share with you what objections I have encountered. Most resistance came from the tools. People liked the business concept but were not willing to purchase the weekly tapes/CDs, the monthly books, the monthly functions and the other tools your up line insist you buy to show the business plan. And the up line I had told me and the people registered under me that if we did not purchase this endless stream of "optional" tools we were not serious about the business and they would not put a priority on helping any of us build our business unless we did.
Another thing people don't like is trying to make contacts. Once a person's name list runs out, they are expected to go "contacting" and getting names and phone numbers of people to build to their list. This is something that most people are not comfortable doing, myself included. I made contacts as I was taught, but it just seemed to me I was more stalking people than meeting people. I felt guilty that I wasn't meeting them for friendship, but had an ulterior motive. It just didn't seem honest to me, and I felt like a big pest at times running around asking people for their names and numbers.
The functions are also a turnoff. They are expensive and time consuming, especially the big ones. It is nice to go to a city, and stay in a great hotel / resort, but it is silly to pay the money to stay at them if your only time to enjoy them is in the middle of the night after the function is over, and the functions start early morning and go until 12 - 1am in the morning. But again, if you refuse to go to the function, you are told you are not serious about your business and will not receive help. Not to mention all the thousands of dollars I spent going to the functions to listen to speakers that eventually got kicked out of the business makes me sick. These people were kicked out, so I felt deceived to be pressured to go listen to them when they were taking advantage of IBOs.
As you said, the products are very good, no question. But a big objection I encountered was the amount of PV you were expected to generate through your personal use each month. We were taught to show the plan with each household normally doing 100 PV per month. But after IBOs were registered into the business, they were told by up line and at functions they were expected to do 300 PV personally per month. And again, if they didn't they were not serious about their business and would not receive help. So unless they buy $700 - $800 of product a month for themselves they will have to sell product to make up the difference. People are told when they get in there is little to no selling involved (at least at that time that's what they were told). People don't like to sell.
All these things together passed on to people from former IBOs by word of mouth, and most likely exaggerated at times, spreads like wildfire.
The business plan is great, start up cost is minimal, and I am sure there have been changes since 2002 when I was last a IBO, so I can't condemn the business now unless I educate myself on those changes.
The bottom line is we are a spoiled and pampered society that has developed a huge sense of entitlement. The majority of people would rather buy lotto tickets with the minute chance of a pile of money fall into their laps than actually put time and effort into a business that will interfere with TV time, golf weekends, or make them miss a NASCAR race or football game. So when you show them this business and they find out they will maybe find one person out of 100 that they show it to that will want to build it, they aren't interested.
That's why you see a lot of IBOs that come from meager beginnings be so successful in the business, because they have always had to work for what they want.
Good luck to you and I hope your business keeps growing.

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most folks look for fast easy money to Away.
then when they find out they actually need to
Work they save face by screeming Scam.

sort of like colleges and marriages.
u got to work to make them work.

some earlier people over hyped it.


by Rob - 13 months ago

Marketing is an art. Particularly launching a new product needs high quality of art.Some times by name or by brand the goods manage to slip.Since you are in the line from last two years & Amway is popular among the people in India the ball is rolling. For a raw new person it is difficult, so people wants to stay away from the matter.


by debuli - 13 months ago

There is a few reasons why people hate Amway. For the older people they can recall the pyramid issue they had back I believe in the 80's. Pricing is another issue. Unless you're a distributor most people think things are overpriced. Then there is a lot of people who played Amway. They really didn't work it properly. Most people know that they money isn't in the products. It is in the books/cds/dvds/ and seminars. Only the people with the large groups make money off that. Most people end up spending more than they will ever make. The problem most people don't realize it is like any other business. You get what you put in to it.

by ? - 13 months ago