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    How to sell an item on Ebay?

    Okay so today I put my xbox 360 up for sale at a fixed price of $75.00. It was sold! I received an email telling me this from Ebay but it says to ship the item to the buyer AFTER they pay. I have not received a payment yet. But further down on the email it says the following: "While you're establishing a successful selling track record, access to funds from buyer payments has been delayed. You may be able to get the funds sooner by printing a shipping label on eBay" I'm confused...when exactly should I ship it out and when should I expect the payment? This is my first time using Ebay and I was planning on buying another Xbox with the money received from my buyer.
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    When you do receive the payment. The money will be in your paypal account. When you log in to your paypal. Your balance will be around $75.00. Since you don't have access to your funds. In your paypal account it will show the amount of 75 pending. Once you ship it, and the order is received. You get good feedback from it. Then you will have the money to transfer to your bank account. You will not be able to take the money out immediately, because you are new on there and that's just how ebay works from the start. Anyways. Ship it out when the funds are in your paypal account. You won't be able to access them, but that is when you send it. After the payment is received. If you want to print a shipping label go to ebay website. From there click My ebay>selling. Go down to the x box you sold. On the right you will see "more actions".click on more actions. Go down to print shipping label, and go from there. I'm sorry my answer is complicated. It's hard to word everything considering how ebay works. If you don't want to print a shipping label. Write the return and shipping address on the box. The printing of the shipping label will be taken out of your paypal account. If going through USPS shipping a medium flat rate box would probably be best depending on the size of the console. The medium flat rate will be $11.35. Good luck!
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