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    How do I go about working on a market stall? UK?

    - I have a product to sell, just need to know how I get a stall in a market? ( In East London )
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    You need to get yourself something known as Public Liability Insurance, with coverage up to £5 million. The policy can be taken out for £150 or so a year. Look at websites like Direct Line etc for quotes. You may need a market traders licence. Your local council may offer a pitch and stall for a set fee on the day. My council does this. You need to speak to the Market trading Officer in your Borough. The Borough Council will provide all details on the matter. • Failing that, look into getting a Peddlar's Licence which allows you sell goods on the move. Let me know how you get on, it is something I am interested in myself but have too much on my plate at the moment. Best regards!
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