Why do you buy from eBay?

With all the dishonesty, scams, and fraud that take place, why do you buy from eBay instead of a store or just doing without? Examples to support your reasons would help me understand.

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I have made thousands of purchases on ebay over the years and never once got scammed. I do know what I am looking for though in a scam. You can get scammed just as easily in a brick and mortar store, I know I did for $800 on a bed that lasted 3 years and the 10 year warranty turned out to be crap.

I buy on ebay when I want something I either can't find locally or that I know I can get for a much better price. I just bought a GoPro camera new in the box for $75 less than Best Buy wanted. I even asked Best Buy to give me some sort of discount, anything but they did not. If I could have gotten for even a $25 discount I would have to support B+M stores.

13 months ago

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the only times people get scammed on Ebay is if they do not self educate themselves first. there are plenty of ways to avoid scams if you bother to learn first.

and i buy off ebay (when i buy off ebay) to get what i want or need that i can't get where i live.

by Claudia - 13 months ago