Copyright Infringement?

Look at the garment in this photo:
This is a common graphic used by Black Scale.

Now look at this photo:
This is the logo of the Chicago Black Hawks.

Is this considered a trademark infringement?

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The logos are identical. I don't know which came first but there is clearly trademark/copyright infringement one way or the other. I wouldn't' want to fight Black Scale or the Black Hawks over it They're a mean bunch.(joking.!!)

13 months ago

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Absolutley. It's the same exact logo.

by Pascal the Gambler - 13 months ago

Show me a piece of Black Scale with that emblem on it...
and you got your trademark infringement
but it doesn't exist.

by A Hunch - 13 months ago

Why do you want us to visit some websites in Libya?

by bcnu - 13 months ago