How to ask a driving school to borrow their cones?

There are many methods to parallel park. My friends and I were taught a method that we find very difficult. Yet, to this day, none of us have been able to correctly perform it.

Last month, I enrolled in a driving academy. My instructor taught me his method to parallel park, which was much easier and now I can correctly park.

I was just talking to my friend who will be taking his road test in two weeks. He can't parallel park and is asking that I teach him what I had learned. Another friend, who already has her license, can't parallel park either, but wants to learn. She had gotten her road test waivered before Oct. 2012.

My instructor took me to an empty parking lot and had set up cones for me to practice with. He never once rushed me, but allowed me to keep trying until I felt comfortable and remembered the steps.

Before then, and now, I generally go down to the MVD to practice. Unfortunately, there are always other student drivers waiting for their turn. I've been in a situation where there's a long line. None wants to keep others waiting, so we all generally do a couple and leave. I always feel rushed to park quickly and I don't like that feeling, especially since I am still learning. Thus, I don't want to rush my friends either.

The driving academy is not open on Sundays, but driving lessons are still going on. The lessons varies between 1.5 - 2 hours long. Instead of going down to the MVD to practice, I came up with the idea of using cones in a quiet parking lot. Unfortunately, I don't have those big orange cones, but the school does. I was thinking of possibly asking them if I could borrow them for 1.5 hours to teach my friends using their parking lot on a Sunday morning. Of course, if their student wants to practice, we'll be more than happy to let him/her go first.

Could you please provide me with information as to how I would ask? I know that I most likely would have to ask the manager of the school, but I have no clue as to who she/he is. If they were willing to lend me their cones, I feel that I may ask to borrow my instructor's cones, as he knows who I am. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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There are MANY ways to setup objects that are easily visible from the mirror. It doesn't *have* to be cones.

Some examples:

rock/brick inside a white garbage bag (shiny, of course)
emergency triangles to indicate road hazard
household garbage cans (any size), cover with bag if not visible enough

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