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    I have had $20.000 and i wanted to open my business in the US.?

    I have had $20.000 and i wanted to open my business in the US. However, my friend opened his own business and he is bankrupt now. I decided to open my business in Russia and I have earned over $300.000 in six months. Because Russia has low taxes and I don't need pay money to various organisations. The standard of living is cheaper in Russia than in the US. I can buy twice as much at $1000 in Russia, than in the US. So, why do we think that Russia is a poor country?
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    That's just it, the value of money Also that frozen wasteland of a country is tough to farm in if at all As for American pride.. well lol there ya go! Also another reason is the military power of the ruskies.
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    • what type of business, where in the US and what is his skill/background? Just opening has no meaning one has to have many skills I do not believe that you have opened any biz in Russia.............NOT Unless you were born there as most people are not permitted to.............the local muni officials keep it Ruskies only "Russia has low taxes and I don't need to pay various orgs". Russia's tax base is much higher than that of the US, look at Russia's infrastructure; 50-100 yrs behind the US........ In Russia, at the wrong place, you can't buy anything --and at the right places, you can buy just a few things.......cause Russia does not subsidize anything anymore. Russia is a Communist nation with the facade of a capitalistic-democratic nation. If you wish to debate it, I will gladly do so elsewhere. Putin did not return because of popular vote. HE threatened his way back. Need proof of that?

      by kemperk - 6 hours ago

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