Question about protecting myself when selling a product on eBay?

This is my first time selling something on eBay. Currently I have a product for sale (Video Card) and I am nervous about one of the bidders. The highest and most frequent bidder started his account on 3/27/13 and I started the auction for my product on 3/25/13. My product is the only thing that this bidder has viewed (and has no rating). Not necessarily that his new account makes me nervous but the fact that the bidder is international (Philippines), this combination does make me nervous. My long and drawled out question is can I some how get gypped out of my product? So if anyone has any incite to this situation, your help would be appreciated. I could very well be paranoid but I just want to make sure. Again I don't have a problem selling my video card to this person, just want to make sure my concerns above, are not of any.

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Hello I have been selling on eBay for three years now and understand your situation. To protect yourself, ALWAYS ship with a tracking number. Irregardless. You mention the buyer is international, so it will be very hard or very expensive to provide a tracking number. Basically, the buyer can report the item as not received, now it may end up lost in the mail, or they may be lying, but if you CANNOT prove that the item was received by the buyer (tracking number) than PayPal will give the buyer the money back if a chargeback or dispute is filed.

Now, my recommendation to you, is to insure the package when shipping it, if you cannot add a tracking number. That is how you protect yourself: either a tracking number or insurance.

I would use Shipsurance to insure the package, but eBay also has insurance and also same with USPS.

So, to protect yourself, you either want to ensure a tracking number is on the order or ensure that the order is protected with insurance in the "unlikely" event it may become "lost".

I ship internationally everyday, and never add a tracking number (USPS First Class Mail International does not provide "real" tracking numbers). To protect myself, I use insurance and it always works out for me.

I have sold to many people who are new to eBay, and most international customers tend to be. That is the least of your concern. Your biggest concern is that he is an international buyer. Good luck.

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One way to check if its legit is to see once they've bought the item, check your bank account to see if the money has been deposited, if not, don't send it.

by Flora - 1 year ago