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    eBay auction question!?

    On the ebay auction when it says in little letters,below the box where you put in your amount, "enter US $0.44 or more" do you have to put in that amount or can you put less and still win the auction? If you do win the auction, will you receive the item if it is below the amount that the seller wanted you to put in?
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    The highest bid wins. "enter US $0.44 or more" means you need to enter this much at least to have your bid accepted. If you bid less, your bid won't be accepted. Bid the highest amount you are willing to pay. In your scenario, if you bid $2 and there was no other higher bid than "US $0.44 or more", then you would get the item for 44 cents as it was the highest bid. If someone else bid, they'd have to beat your $2 to become the highest bidder.
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    Other Answers

    • no you have to put in 0.44 some people have "or best offer"- which means you can message them about paying less.

      by dourdan - 13 hours ago

    • Do NOT enter less than it states. Your bid would not be accepted. It is always better to offer quite a bit more. You will never have to pay more than the item sells for.

      by coraann - 13 hours ago

    • You have to put in at least that amount not less. You win an auction by bidding more than anyone else.

      by Flower - 13 hours ago

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