Quick ways to get money? I'm thirteen.?

I'm broke okay. Sometimes my parents spoil me with clothes and nail polish because I love fashion. But I want to start making and saving money on my own. I'm tired of waiting to get stuff handed to me I want to buy my own things with my money. But where I am nobody is hiring and my parents are kinda old school and don't pay me for doing chores. So what should I do? Help?

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Babysit, mow lawns, clean up houses or yards for neighbors, walk dogs.

1 year ago

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Have you considered prostitution? I might be able to get you some clientele

by Alan - 1 year ago

Unfortunately, at 13, there aren't many ways to receive money. You could do chores around your house and ask your parents for allowance, or something like that. If you live in Iowa or Nebraska or Kansas by chance you can detassle corn for 1.25 thousand dollars in a month at 14, and there may be some extra jobs around your neighborhood such as assisting at a gas station or busting tables. That would make you a bus girl? Hope these tips help!


by Aaron - 1 year ago

If u r 16+ then start per time job in start a per time job...

by Imran - 1 year ago