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    Can an ebay buyer still leave negative feedback if you open a case on them?

    Someone has not paid me for my listing. I have the listing as "buy it now" and it has been over a week since they commited themselves to buying it. I have sent them 2 messages. Both of my messages were very polite. I said "Hello, this is just a friendly reminder that you purchased such and such item on this date. Please pay no later than this date to complete your order." Then the second message basically said the same thing, but I included a "If you wish to cancel this order, please reply back to let me know you wish to cancel." I have not received a response, so I plan to open a case on the buyer. I have 100% positive feedback as a seller. I am a little worried that the buyer will get angry with me and ruin my reputation, all because I opened a case for not receiving payment.
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    Who cares if you receive negative feedback? You can respond to their negative feedback (for all people to see) with something like "Never paid. Deadbeat buyer.". When I'm checking seller feedback to make sure I want to deal with that person, I always read up on them. Some negative feedback doesn't scare me like "Didn't like color" because how is that the seller's fault? Some buyers are ridiculous and most ebay users understand that. Also, one negative feedback won't affect your percentage that much especially if everyone else has positive things to say. Sorry you're dealing with such a deadbeat. Worse case scenario is that all your emails went to their spam folder and they aren't logging in to their ebay account to check there either.
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    • Yes. If they pay b4 the case is closed, yes. If they do not pay, they cannot leave fb. Who cares if you receive neg???? Everybody who knows anything about ebay would tell you that they care...immensely. Many seller would rather forfeit their entire sale and waste money out of their pockets than to receive a negative. It doesn't matter what you respond and say, even if you are right. The negative fb is far more damaging to your acct in ebay's eyes than whatever the negative comment actually says or how you respond would effect any future customers interpretations of your selling merits. It does not matter what the customers thinks, it matters what ebay thinks. Ebay wants you to bend over backwards, kiss *** and give away things for free. Not for yours & theirs customers sake, but for your own sake. Avoid negatives at ALL COST or you won't be selling on ebay very long.

      by Surveil Deez Nuts - 5 hours ago

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