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    Should I sell my smart phone and get a cheaper phone in order to save more money for a car?

    So I just upgraded from my LG flip phone and bought a new smart phone in december from metro pcs and it is really nice and it has internet and everything for $40/month, but I was thinking about all the money I would have each month if I would sell the phone and switch back to my LG flip phone, which is $10/month, its a big difference. Anyways, if I keep my smart phone, it would take a lot longer to save for a car, because I don't have a job and not much money for a car. It's just a hard decision for me to make to sell the smart phone to save money for a car and switch back to my old phone or just keep the phone I have. What would you do?
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    If u want a car so bad then save but if u don't have a job how will u be able to maintain ur car?? I would get a job first then evaluate ur finances. Good luck.
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    • Yes, that is how a person saves money. It depends on if you live on the internet on your smart phone. My phone died and I went to AT&T. They tried to sell me a smart phone. I bought a phone that looks a lot like a Blackberry for $40 online. It does very nicely for calls and messaging. $10 per month.

      by Oldwhiteguy2earth - 43 minutes ago

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