Can I sell candy in school without getting in trouble?

I sell a variety of candy at my school ( i live in Texas) and was wondering if you can get in any kind of trouble for doing this.
Ps. I pocket all the money and I've read the student handbook but it doesn't say anything about selling

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I know that i used to sell gumballs and never got in trouble. I sold them to a few teachers but you just have to know who to avoid. The worst thing that could happen is you get caught and told not to do it anymore. You should try to keep your sellings AFTER school! hope this helped some! :)


1 year ago

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Yeah. A kid at my school was selling chocolate bars and they took them away along with his profits

by Brandon - 1 year ago

Well I really don't know about your state if u can. Usually a person would have to talk to a school administration about selling. The schools do have fundraising projects where they sell different things to raise money. So I really can't say what is right since you are in tx. but u can call the school to see if u can sell so it would put u at ease and not get into any trouble.

by janet - 1 year ago