What do you think Sushma Buildtech provides best residential as well as commerical Flats in Tricity?

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I agree with you, Sushma Villas area is very peaceful area, 37% of land is covered with trees and they are located on highway which is big plus point of Sushma Property. Sushma Builders quality of work and transparency with customers has gone up to become leading developers in try city.

1 year ago

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Yes! Sushma Buildtech is one of the most reliable builders in the try city. They designed best residential as well as commercial property according to consumer need. Now days, try city people are more interested to purchase land in Sushma because Sushma property is very peaceful and comfortable for living.

by Ankit - 1 year ago

Yes, I will also say that they are the best in the business. To be honest when i visited them for the first time, i was highly impressed with they client handling. I was completely satisfied with there service. and it will not be wrong to say that the best builders in the tricity.

by Umesh - 1 year ago