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    A buyer on Ebay is continuously harassing me.?

    I'm being harassed on eBay by a buyer/buyers whom will create multiple accounts then buy something from then never pay. How can i prove it's the same person harassing me,the only proof I have is that that all the accounts are located in Venezuela and were created a day after each other.
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    Report them to eBay. Unfortunately, the only way around this is to list your items for auction so you can choose to cancel off the bids of a buyer you don't want and then block them. Obviously youve got some idiot who thinks his behaviour is amusing. If you do a buy it now, they can bid and then you're stuck with them as the buyer. I really wish eBay would tighten up on the registration process so that kids and troublemakers can't just make accounts and the be the bane of everyone's existence. And you ignore people you don't want to converse with and you only ever use eBay as your point of messaging. Forward the nuisance emails to eBay. They've got the resources to track IP addresses, they should use it to stop this jerk. Sorry you are having a bad time, most eBay buyers are like me, nice, honest decent folk who bid responsibly, pay quickly and dont cause hassles. People should realise that eBay access is a priviledge, not a right and if you act badly, you should get banned permanently.
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    • contact ebay, maybe they can do something. or contact the buyer? that happened to me once too, i know it's really annoying. i don't think it's harassment though, and i don't think they can MAKE anyone pay.

      by rolanddicaprio - 18 hours ago

    • You can get the name and phone number of any buyer you have a transaction with. Each time you suspect this person is bidding, you can add that User I.D. to your blocked bidder list. You can change your own User I.D. so they wont find you. You should also put Venezuela on your Do Not Ship locations list so you wont get any bidders from there. If you suspect this is the same buyer, cancel the transaction.

      by Flower - 18 hours ago

    • you should contact ebay and they will suspend the users account

      by Neil David Brettell - 18 hours ago

    • Simple: ban bidders from Venezuela. Edit: ignore them - certainly don't give your e-mail address. Ring ebay if it continues. As I've already suggested, use buyer requirements to block them for new listings (if you specify buyers must have a Paypal account, that should do the trick). Open non-paying bidder disputes each time they fail to pay.

      by ! - 18 hours ago

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