Can I charge as a photographer in washington st without having certification?

I am a stay at home mom with my first newborn. I'm not looking to go back to a crappy job, and took photography/photoshop classes in highschool (yes i aced them), and own a professional cam. I want to become a photographer but dont want to be doing anything illegal, i need the money so is it okay for me to charge for my services?
Thanks for the help everyone!

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cert has no meaning other than ego for the photographer. AFTER you are earning 1k a mo
from this activity --on the 4th month, I would go get a biz license.

till then happy shooting. started out my pro career as a photographer and still shoot monthly.

a biz license is an ordinance so that is the MOST you will be violating..............can guide further if you wish

1 year ago

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No such thing as a "certified photographer".

by Habah - 1 year ago