Could a 13 year old start a very small business at modding phones?

Okay. I'm 13 almost 14 and I absolutely LOVE modding phones. Whether it's Android or iOS. And I've been modding people's phones at school. So I can install it because they don't know anything about phones because they aren't into the modding part. I learn new stuff every day and find it really fun. I have had 100% success and have told people about the small risks they take in me doing that. Anyway back to the point. Would I be able to make a really small 'unofficial' business and advertise it? Or is 13 too young? Also. I know I want to do this as my job (if it is a job) because I've been doing it ever since I got my first Nintendo DS back in 2008 and have been upgrading since. People think I'm talented at it so I thought. Why not see if I can try to make a small business. And sorry for the long info it's just I wanted to prove that I wasn't just some kid who knows how to jailbreak an iPod. I can even unlock (take off password & unlock carrier) phones too. So, would I be able to make one at this age and would it be classed as a business as modding androids?

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You can start a business ar 13. It can be small or big, whatever you want to do. Legally, it can't be an "unofficial" business. Once you earn $600 (in the US) it is automatically considered a business and not a hobby, and you will be responsible for getting a business license and paying taxes.

I don't really know what "modding phones" is, but as long as it's not illegal, it's fine. The one thing you have to be prepared to do is replace the phone if you damage it. So either start by having money saved up so you can afford to replace a customer's phone, or buy insurance for that.

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No 13 to young you need to have a business licence

by Garrison - 1 year ago