ebay sellers and fraud?

on the 29th of april of 2012, i placed a preorder for an item ($215) that was supposed to come out in the first Q Of 2013, the item got released this January, and i keep sending the sellers messages on ebay to know abou the status of my shipment , and he keeps telling me soon, in his last message to me he informed me that the box of the item was damaged when he received it, and he wanted to get me a new one, of course he stoped answer all my messages since, and I've also noticed that when i try to track the item on ebay using the item's ID it shows me nothing (like no such item exists, thus i wont be able to use ebay's buyer's protection) so i decided to call ebay support on the phone (i called numerous times), and explained to them my problem, they informed me that the maximum number of days they allow for sellers to list an item for preorder is 45 days, more than that would be a violation, they tried to help, they even tried to contact the seller, so in the end they told me it was out of there control and they gave me a link to a website where i can file a complaint (Internet Crime Complaint Center) well i did and got no answer so far...I am lost here, i don't know what i am supposed to do , is there any other solution?

i live outside the united states

i just contacted paypal and this what i got
"This dispute closed because it was opened for more than 45 days after the transaction date or did not meet other filing criteria"

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Contact paypal if you didn't pay directly to the person most if not all of the transactions that take place with paypal call them and tell them. It honestly becomes a waiting game after this so keep calm and patient and see what happens


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one word: PAYPAL they will give you a refund for sure if you think they are a fraud, that's all you need to know... too be honest i only skimmed the question but i hope this helps

by Adam - 1 year ago