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    I listed and sold 3 things on ebay but i was charged an invoice fee how do i avoid this next time?

    I was charged $16.28 and before my items sold it said that i had no listing fees. Do I owe ebay this money? If so how do I avoid it next time or is there no way to avoid it??
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    Hi. Depending on the type of listings for your items, Ebay charges fees to list (for Fixed Price, Buy It Now, Reserve Price), and charges a Final Value Fee based upon your sale's total. They also charge a Final Value Shipping Fee now too. Yes, you owe this money to Ebay, and no there is no way to avoid it, outside of not paying. But that will lead to termination of your account at some point. You can use Auction Style Listings, which are free (up to 50 listings per month). This will at least avoid any insertion fee in the future.
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    • eBay charges two fees. One is the listing fee which might be free (depending on your listing structure and if they are "offering" free listings) and the other one is the final value fee. The final value fee is always charged if you make a sale. It is never free to sell on eBay, eBay is a business not a charity, that's how they make their money. The final value fee varies on if you are a power seller or what the item value is. It works out around 8% for items. And the fee gets charged on the total amount received from the sale, including shipping fees. And on top of that, PayPal charges another 2.9% fee, they take their money out of the buyers payment before you get it. eBay sends you an invoice monthly, around the 10th of the following month. eBay has always charged these fees, read up in the questions section of eBay to get more info.

      by bron357 - 19 hours ago

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